The Lawyer Man

Hello! said the paralegal to the lawyer man

as he walked through the door, back from the can

he flourished his hand in a twirl and a swirl

as his other hand slapped her desk as it curled

all around the northwest side of the room

under lay carpet in need of a broom

or a really great vacuum that would get

all the little bits of paper with words like et

that the lawyer man speaks when he turns to the court

where the judge in the big black cape reports

what’s to be done with the lawyer man’s man

when that man gets himself back from the can

Guilty! he cries as his gavel does fly and smacks

on the table in front of his tie and the lawyer man no

longer wears a smile.

Hello! says the paralegal to the lawyer man

as he walks through the door, back with no man

and his somnolent face lets her know he’s done

that he left his smile in the courtroom tomb and

her bright green eyes and her gold garnished hair

won’t do nothing for a man about to die.